Who was the first ruler of the Soomra dynasty (1011-1026)?

  • a) A- Hameer
  • b) Dodo
  • c) Chanesar
  • d) Al-khafif

Right Answer: option_d • Al-khafif


The first ruler of the Soomra dynasty, which ruled over parts of present-day Sindh and Balochistan provinces of Pakistan from 1011 to 1026, was Al-Khafif Soomro. He founded the Soomra dynasty after overthrowing the Rai dynasty, which had ruled the region previously. Under the rule of Al-Khafif Soomro and his successors, the Soomra dynasty became a major power in the region and made significant contributions to the region’s culture and architecture. The famous 11th-century mosque and tomb of Hala Shah, located in present-day Hala, Pakistan, is one of the architectural marvels from the Soomra dynasty.

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