Where was the Indian National Congress founded?

  • a) Delhi
  • b) Bombay
  • c) Kanpur
  • d) Allahabad

Right Answer: option_b • Bombay


The Indian National Congress was a political party founded in Bombay (now Mumbai), India on 28 December 1885. It was established to promote the rights and interests of Indians, and to work towards greater representation and self-governance for the country. At the time of its founding, India was still a British colony and the Congress was established as a platform for Indian politicians and activists to voice their concerns and work towards greater autonomy and independence. Over the years, the Congress played a major role in the Indian independence movement, and after independence in 1947, it became one of the dominant political parties in India.

Today, the Indian National Congress remains one of the oldest and largest political parties in India, with a strong tradition of promoting secularism, democracy, and social justice.

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